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Our pledge to you is that everything is made from scratch.
At Tee's Liberian Dish, we cook everything from scratch. We create a whole selection of West African treats using traditional recipes and handcrafted dough. We take the time to properly prepare each dish so that every bite is pure perfection. We're dedicated to presenting the true flavor of Liberian cuisine to your table.

We serve the following meals:

Attiéké Fish and veggies Fufu Jollof rice
Breakfast consists of donuts, cornmeal, and banana bread.

Our proprietary dough is used to make all of our breads. Stop by for some quality cuisine, as we create everything fresh every day.


"So good! Everything on my plate was delicious, and the fish was so tasty. Glad I tried this place out, and will be coming back! Huge portions, and really friendly staff."

Matt S.


"I'm Liberian myself and oh my gosh, it feels like home when I eat their food. The atmosphere is relaxed, it's friendly, the Tee and her mom are lovely and the food gets to you quickly. If you want food that feels like a hug or feels like you're part of the family, go here. 10/10 never any complaints."

Memphis T.


"We tried the Jollof Rice with Chicken, and the Cassava Leaves and Rice, and both were really good! The Jollof Rice would be great if you’re a fan of gumbo. Large portions and seasoned to perfection. Will definitely be coming back!"

Oglesby M.

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Tee's Liberian Dish
Visit Tee's Liberian Dish for a variety of dishes, including boiled cabbage, water greens, potato greens, bitterball torborgee, and special-order doughnuts. Find us on 6th Street SE, near C R Collectibles stores. Place your order online for carryout or delivery.
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